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One of Townsville’s most historic buildings – The Post & Telegraph Office
Constructed from 1886 and opened on the 2nd of December 1889, the Townsville General Post Office (then known as Townsville Post and Telegraph Office) was one of the grandest examples of Victorian architecture of its time. It served as the principle avenue of communication well into the 20th century.
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The clock tower
The distinctive clock tower was added towards the end of the construction; and the chimes that were a part of daily life in Townsville were imported from England in 1891.
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On the 19th of February 1942, 188 Japanese fighter planes and dive bombers raided Darwin. Australia was at war, and the post office was the training venue for Morse coding for the local cadets.
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Dismantling of the clock tower during WWII
There was some concern during the WWII that the clock tower would be a target for bombing. This led to its dismantling in 1942.
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A modified clock tower
The new clock tower – as you see it today – was built circa 1963. The building underwent some interior modernisation at the same time and continued to serve as the Townsville General Post Office.
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The Townsville Brewery, affectionately known by the locals as The Brewery.
In 2001, the building was purchased by the Ramm family and redeveloped into a micro brewery complete with a tavern, a restaurant and a Banquet Hall.

On the 21st of September 2020, the Townsville Brewery was sold to the Bredhauer family. It remains a family owned micro-brewery, and its legacy of providing the locals with its unique and original craft beer continues.
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